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Most utility providers use out-dated and unsecured billing and CRM software. If they wish to update their technology, they have to adopt costly software developed for different market conditions. The on-ground realities in SE Asia will not match those in America or Europe. So we set out to build a software which was local but still incorporated the best technology from across the world.

  • Localisation

    From local language support to consideration of local constraints, we don't miss anything.

  • Mobile Ready

    Allow your customers and field staff to view and update bills and records from their mobile phone.

  • Hardware Integration

    Our software will integrate with any existing hardware for easy data transfer.

  • Software Compatibility

    Our product is flexible to integrate into third-party software, databases, GIS etc

  • Smart & Cloud Ready

    We are ready to deploy to cloud at any scale and integrate with smart devices in the market.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Our CRM module, keep track of all customer interactions and data in one place.

  • Analytics Reporting Package

    Operational insights relevant to the functioning of the organisation.

  • Meter Tracking

    Track meter usage and service issues from a central dashboard. Easily set multiple rate  schemes at any scale.

Other Salient features include:

  1. Online customer portal: One-stop portal for all customer needs – view bills, create alerts, make payments and report service issues
  2.  Electronic & Mobile Billing: Send bills to customers to their email and mobile
  3.  Integrated payment options: Customer can pay their bills through wide range of online payment options
  4.  Automate work flow: Ease your operations by automating routine tasks such as bill generation, notices, report generation etc.
  5. Change Management: Changes in meters, rates, payment and deposit structures can be easily handled a flexible change management system
  6. Service Order Management: View and track service orders in real-time with responsibility delegation  and notification to customers

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